Friday, 17 January 2014

yuk and turduck.

the burger and the  gourmet roll. both  variations  of the Turducken. 

Thursday, 16 January 2014


A mate of mine -  Kurt said this in response to the DotCom story .

"The last time an obscure tin pot German decided to use his liberal arts degree to create a manifesto and use "precision tactics" to target a "small" electorate in order to become a "king maker" I recall it didn't turn out very well for all involved."

Wednesday, 15 January 2014


So WhaleOil busts open another political can of wrigglers. DOTCOMs plans are now public for all to see.

Well sort of. Bradbury has not  written a political strategy as much as he has written a very crap  comms  and engagement plan built round a launch. We don't know what the party will really do apart from fight some issues like the GCSB bill repeal and  that it wants to position itself as a political  kingmaker.

The name "internet party" reminds me of a idea a few IT peeps looked at over 13 years ago. They bought me on board to look at how we could make the idea fly. Basically it was a party where the members would vote on issues on line  and that would give their MP's a mandate issue by issue.

It was a bit before its time as social media, those days was a descriptor of a gossip columns in the local paper. It didn't get off the ground because everyone involved was short of the cash needed to pull it together.

So  maybe Kim  is thinking along similar lines. Not so much a party for the people but a party of the people

It has been interesting listening and watching commentators totally dismissing  the Internet Party. I was talking to a mate today who like me believes that no-one should write off this digital political spawn.

Its because we both see how cynical GenY are. These digital natives distrust everything and they hate most the things  which impinge   on their ability to move around on the net sucking up what the want when they want at the least cost.

The reason  we think the Internet Party has a chance is simple. DotComm literally has a big following on the net - close to 350 thousand on twitter and around 20 thousand on Facebook. He is seen by the GenYers as the man who is fighting against big business,  fighting what they see as Big Brother Governments and fighting for  their freedom in their new digital playground.

Everyday I watch in despair as young smart  men and women,  successful and educated , swear their allegiance to Dotcom.

He is the ante  hero they can identify with, a victim of what they see as  tyranny, a winner,  a master of the digital universe and irreverent. GenY struggles to take anything really seriously unless its something that impinges on what they see as their freedoms. So they revere him .  They see him as the only one who is fighting for their freedom on the net  - the place they are most at home.

DotComm knows how to deploy  the net, and that means he can harness this large group of normally apathetic voters by taking the one election issue they care about  their digital freedom direct to them - And he can talk to them on their smartphones and they can talk to him. Interactive politics has come of age.

While Bradbury may be v keen to be part  Kims party I would doubt that the paper that has been leaked is much more than a ham fisted  touting for some work.

Alistair Thompsons involvement is much more interesting. He does understand the net and his  undisguised admiration for  Dot Comm in the past means it comes as no surprise he  is jumping ship. He sees himself as a fighter for internet freedom . DotCom is his general.

I struggle to see why anyone cannot see that there is a serious possibility that after the next election - Key maybe sitting down thrashing out a coalition with DotCom. Wonder  who will be sweating then?


Saturday, 30 November 2013

the table–a thing of beauty



Its the small things that count.  We have tables in the  Wairarapa trains now and the seating has   been  reconfigured to give more leg room. an hour and a half  on a train is a long time so well done to state owned  Kiwirail for making these changes. Every carriage is full o public servants and for many of them the time on the train is spent  working. So there is an economic benefit in creating workspaces for  them. Its really a good example of a “whole of government “ approach….

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Selling Sex

A sexual desire. an exchange of money. satisfaction = prostitution. Hollywood or a no name back street - its all the same .At $33.333 a minute its money for something and the tricks for glee.

Why would a top rating Hollywood actress demean herself in the worst possible way? Why would she allow herself to be nothing but a piece of sexual meat for some rich man to dribble over?

Friday, 6 September 2013


So its a 3 way race as we predicted. The surprising thing is that Cunliffe has hoodwinked so many people. We thought his narcissistic traits would have put a off a lot of punters.

Jones has never lifted his pedal from the metal. He has shown that he is wily, smart and honest, well as honest as you will get any poly to be.

He deserves to carry the red banner.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013


I  have been watching the Labour leadership battle with a great deal of interest. It is clear Shane Jones is emerging as the peoples prince. He has always been a classy orator in both Maori and English. He appears lazy but that's because he is inherently a very smart man  - intellectually fecund in fact. He was born to rule.

So his time has come - so to speak.

  2 rumours have been circulating the beltway - the first relates to Jones state of health. He  fought off bowel cancer- but the word is that it is back - easy to believe as it seems he is fighting for the top job on the left as  if he has nothing to  lose.

The second relates to his infamous indiscretion - his onanistic play in a lonely hotel room egged on by the frantic coupling of some  pneumatic porn starlets.  His remote decision to pay and confirm resulted in political emasculation for a while but at the time the kumara vine was heavy with the rumour that it was not Shane who had wracked up the porn bills  but a member of his whanau.

He came dangerously close to showing undue favouritism in the Bill Liu scandal. And if there is anything that points to a serious personality flaw then this is it but in this scandal he proved to be as slippery as a coozer covered in KY.

Shanes crime was never about the porn. It was about expecting the taxpayer to foot the bill even if he paid back the charges eventually.

Yet it seems to be the fact he watched porn that dogs him . The irony is that the heavily pornographic novel 50  shades of grey is a world wide best seller. Millions of sticky fingers turned the pages as readers became  engrossed by its scintillating romp in the musky world of slap and tickle. The fine line between pleasure and pain was bolded  in everyday ink.   Now it is to be made into a movie - thus mainstreaming the masterbatory murk.

So Shanes guilty pleasure, if indeed that is what it was, will soon be available at Video Easy for all the aunties to watch.

Labour is such a broad church  encompassing vast differences in the religion of  lefty politics that this race  could well see all three candidates get close to  30 percent of the vote each . And as the factions bow to such very different political idols  - it is unthinkable that either Robertson or Cunliffe will bow out at the 11th hour if it  looks like Jones is gaining too much support. Dogged by Dogma they are.

Jones is the dark war hardened  stallion and knows it. He makes the other two look like braying mules. Hooton says as much today in NBR.

Jones , the peoples prince may yet get his money shot.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Christchurch Spiced Mussels - health benefits unleashed?

There have been lots of people interested in how my dad Robin is going in his battle with cancer. He was diagnosed with the rarest and most aggressive form of lung cancer early in April. He was a life long smoker. He had a 7.5cm tumour in the lower part of one lung. He was told his outlook was not good. His ability to take any form of treatment has been hampered by the fact that since dad was about 12 he has only had one kidney and in the last few years it has been a bit shakey. Dad was told that he would be given chemo in very light doses and some radiation treatment.

Anyway one of dad old mates, when he heard of dads plight,  offered to give him some pills his company  developed - a combination of a highly concentrated form of mussel oil and curcumin and piperine.

He said he had given them free to some of his close friends who had been diagnosed with cancer- and he  told me  "they are doing ok."

Clinical trials of curcumin are underway at Leicester university to look  at ways to increase  its efficacy. Piperine is considered to be one substance that allows the curcumin to have a better effect.
I told dad that there were no promises but he said that he was happy to give it ago.

Dads  tumor has shrunk to nothing - the doctors have upped his treatments as he has responded so startlingly. He takes 23 pills a day. and has taken them since mid April.
He has been told that he has gone from being in the 90% of people who will die in a reasonably short time with this cancer to the 10% who will probably live for some time.
Anyway I think dads mate is a very smart man - self made , a pioneer in the seafood industry and he has a degree in physics.

So people have asked me just what dad has been taking . The pills are  manufactured and marketed by Bio MER here in Christchurch.


Press on the link to find out about them.

I think that my good mate  may well be onto something. Time will tell. But I can say that dads recovery has surprised his doctors - astonished some in fact.

Dad is convinced the pills are a key factor in his recovery and I think he is right.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Glorious, Gorgeous and Free.

My holiday  got off to a great start - first up the Glorious 12th - a day of shooting and sumptuous food modelled on the Scottish day marking the first of the Grouse Hunting season held at one of the Wairarapas fine homesteads -Sulphur Wells. . I discovered I cant shoot for shit. However the  Rock can. As can one of my best mates who does own her own shotgun. I think I will have to stick at being somewhat of an expert in dressing feathered things.


The  day  progressed to the piping of the haggis, and then the quaint and often hilarious "addressing of the haggis" which was performed superbly and  I must find out who the fine gent was who carried ou  this sacred ceremony of great import.  Then it was off to dinner to dine on a dish outrageous as it was tasty - the legendary Turducken. Turkey, stuffed with duck stuffed with chicken. I was hoping for a quail tucked  up its bum but alas twas not to be. The haggis was very good perhaps not as chunky as some I have had but great nonetheless.

The wines were from Urlar and its affable owner Angus Thompson was resplendent in his kilt  with  its badger sporran . Urlars wines are some of the best in the Wairarapa - and indeed a star performer in the  Gladstone sub region. The whites in particular are flinty with considerable depth. Wines to be savoured not quaffed.

The second Wellington on a plate event  was  the  gorgeous ladies lunch. And GOOOORGOUS it was. About a 100 well coiffured women turned out to salubrious lunch. The food was from the Medici café in Martinborough  the wine from the Poppies vineyard - which is also home  to the stunning Poppies function venue. The food was some of the best I have had in a long time and it was especially impressive considering the number of  diners . Poppies Pinot Gris , in the Alsace style was  superb but at  $40 for a take home bottle a little pricy.

It was also a privilege to meet Mary Biggs of Lavenders Green Fame.  And it was great to meet so many inspiring and talented and well connnected women who keep the wheels of commerce and community turning in the Wairarapa. It will  be a must attend event next year .

and finally a good and talented friend     who stayed with me  and went to the gorgeous ladies lunch  bought me a jar of  olives she had brined herself. The interesting thing was they were from  trees planted in Roxborough St in Wellington  by the WCC for public use .  This is an idea I support. Im a great forager and  am happy to climb banks to get at an ancient  damson plum tree to get some good fruit. I noticed during my last  visit to Alexandra that someone had stripped  the crab apple trees of their scarlet winter  bounty. I was miffed I had not got there in time to get a few to make what I consider is one of natures great jelly jam fruit.

Friday, 31 May 2013


Sunday, 19 May 2013


Must be the silky soft keyboard of my new HP envy - its a little bit notebook and a lot tablet. The old man is crook. He has the Big C as its found fertile ground in his nicotine soaked lungs.  Anyway  he is carrying on doing the things he loved. I have always loved writing so I am going to write what I want when I want. Roarprawn was a blog started in another time in my life and its flavour changed over the years. It will change again - less political but always irreverent.